nba詹姆斯 :Ӣšŵcָ

rg2017-07-08 Ӣš ҪͶ

nbaֱ ӢĂnbaֱ Ҫl]ЧZ횿϶Є^ݿ䏈ȶϲ˸۵ԭϹšһԱռL@ՄęC@ӲܷQšc^иZкβͬ

1i think that i should probably make a good bookkeeper for you. ҿܳɞF˾ĺòӛ̖

2i am confident that my experience and references will show you that i can fulfill the particular requirements of your bookkeeping position. ҵ]˿ԸV܉F˾ӛTһšضҪ

3i recently completed a course in filing at the crosby school of business. i am competent not only to install a filing system that will fulfill the needs of your organization, but i am also well qualified to operate it efficiently. ڿ˹̘IaxһTn̎nŲHOһיnϵyҪҿЧز

4i feel quite certain that as a result of the course in filing which i completed at the crosby school of business, i can install and operate efficiently a filing system for your organization. ڿ˹̘IһTn܉F˾OòҲһיnϵy