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時間:2017-06-28 英文求職信 我要投稿

  電腦工程師英文nba直播极速体育 范文

nba直播极速体育   Dear Manager:

  Hello! My name pincai, Chongqing University Software College computer science graduates in the near graduation occasion, I heard your company is hiring software engineers this post, I am told, so I wrote a letter to this job, hoping to your company as a software engineer in this position.

  University, I read a computer professional, the direction is biased in favor of software development, the main courses are Introduction to learn software engineering, programming languages, mathematics, compiler theory, software engineering, project management, database theory, Microsoft operating systems programming courses mastered C , windows programming techniques, but also self-learned HTML5 language, his own to develop some APP games and applications, cloud computer technology has also been understood. So for the acquired skills, I am confident to do the job.

  As for my personality, I am a person otaku things, basically one day 14 hours at the computer, it is a normal thing. The rest of the time sleeping and eating. But I have a hobby is playing basketball, and occasionally to the sport of basketball, so although my house, but from the basketball court but also know a lot of golfers. Between people is not the problem.

  Finally, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter to this busy schedule, hoping to get one from your company the opportunity to interview the software engineer.

  Yours sincerely




  我是一名計算機專業的畢業生。非常感謝您在百忙之中抽出時間,閱讀我這份自薦信,給我一次邁向成功的機會。作為一名中專學生,我熱愛我的專業并為其投入了巨大的熱情和精力。在三年的學習生活中,我所學習的內容包括了從計算機基礎知識到運用等許多方面。通過對這些知識的學習,我對這一領域的相關知識有了一定程度的理解和掌握,此專業是一種工具,而利用此工具的能力是最重要的,在與課程同步進行的各種相關時踐和實習中, 具有了一定的實際CAO作能力和技術。在學校工作中,加強鍛煉處世能力,學習管理知識,吸收管理經驗。我正處于人生中精力充沛的時期,我渴望在更廣闊的天地里展露自己的才能,我不 滿足與現有的知識水平,期望在實踐中得到鍛煉和提高,因此我希望能夠加入貴單位。我會踏踏實實地做好屬于自己的一份工作,竭盡全力的在工作中取得好的成績。我相信經過自己的勤奮和努力,一定會做出應有的貢獻。隨信附上我的簡歷,如果有幸成為貴公司的一員,我將從小做起,從現在做起,虛心盡責,勤奮工作,在實踐中不斷學習,發揮自己的主動性,創造性,竭力為公司的發展添一份光彩。